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Dual Exhaust Clean Kit

Keep your belly clean with our PMA'd exhaust pipes!

Moisture Extraction Grommets
Prevent moisture from collecting inside the belly of your plane.

Shock Straps
Keep your aircraft secure with this industrial-strength strap that stretches to keep your aircraft secure and absorb the shock.

Dual TIT Probe
 Indication Kit

Just toggle a switch for a read-out on either your
left or right TIT probe!

Single Exhaust Tip
No more belly burn!

External Camera Mount securely attaches your GoPro camera to
your wing.



At Aviation Resources, we're not satisfied with average aircraft maintenance and so-so aircraft performance.  We believe in keeping your aircraft in superior working condition by paying attention to the smallest detail.  As the industry innovator for aircraft vibration reduction and performance enhancements, we offer unique services, solutions, and products for the Cirrus aircraft.  Satisfied customers, quality work, and safety are our main goals.

So, if you prefer excellence to mediocrity, it's time to come see u


Comprehensive, Cirrus-specific services offered:

Dynamic propeller/engine balancing
Inflight vibration analysis/source identification
GAMI fuel nozzle installation and balancing
Engine data evaluation: EMAX, JPI, Perspective
Precision magneto timing adjustment

Speed and performance fine-tuning
LED and HID exterior light mods - navigation, strobe, recognition, landing
Internal/external camera systems
Magneto overhauls
MCU repairs
Turbo system fine-tuning
Ignition system influence analysis
Engine combustion rate profiling
CIES fuel quantity indication system
Cabin environmental control system
Alpha Systems AOA
True Lock wheel retention system
Beringer tubeless wheels and brakes
Engine mount heatshields
Dynamic tire balancing
Single exhaust tip
Radio surround upgrade
G1 cabin door handle extusion
Pre-buy and annual inspections
Video borescope inspections
Anti-vibration products - VIP floor mats, seat cushions, arm rests
Custom tools, kits, and accessories
Service clinics
Owner maintenance and operation classes

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