Jack Pad Adapter for Cirrus SR20 and SR22

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Replacing a tire has never been easier! All you need is an automotive floor jack and our custom jack pad adapter to lift your aircraft safely.

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Avoid the potential damage of a jack punching through the lower wing skin by using our custom jack pad adapter.  Our adapter fits into the main landing gear leg forging and is individually sized to fit all variations of machined openings.  It allows the use of an automotive rolling floor jack to safely and easily lift your aircraft from the ground to replace a tire.  Available in steel (1lb. 9oz.) or aluminum (9 oz.).  Same material PSI strength–the only differences are the anti-rocking mechanism, the weight, and the cost.  Zinc plated steel or alodined aluminum for corrosion protection.

*Because the hole size in the forging is not consistent from airplane to airplane (and sometimes left to right), we send you common sizes for your Generation aircraft.  After fitting the adapter, you return the unused sizes to avoid additional billing. The price is for one Jack Pad Adapter.  If you need 2, or choose to keep the whole set, we will bill you for the additional adapters.

If you have a maintenance shop, buy the whole set and be prepared for any situation. 

The price for the whole set reflects a “Get 1 Free” deal. 

**Note:  Early SR20s with serial numbers under 1194 may NOT have the hole in the forging to accept our Jack Pad Adapter.

***See pictures for placement. Instructions for fitting are included.

For more information on how to fit the jack pad adapter, see our YouTube video:  FITTING VIDEO


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Aluminum G1/G2/G3, Aluminum Set G1-G6, Steel G1/G2/G3, Steel Set G1-G6, Aluminum G5/G6, Steel G5/G6

1 review for Jack Pad Adapter for Cirrus SR20 and SR22

  1. richard mcglaughlin

    Best thing EVER!
    NEVER jack up your plane in the usual way, and risk a wing puncture.
    These are great!

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