Aircraft Mechanic – A&P or A&P/IA

Aviation Resources is a premier provider of aircraft inspection and maintenance specializing in the repair of Cirrus aircraft and vibration analysis.  We conduct business across the globe with high ethics, integrity, and customer focus.  We are a solid company that cares about its employees.  There is great potential for growth as a company and as employees.


  • Disassemble aircraft in preparation of aircraft inspection and repair
  • Diagnose mechanical or electrical faults and fix efficiently
  • Run various maintenance tests and checks to ensure all components are working to full capacity and that the aircraft is safe to fly
  • Perform quality checks on the work of others to ensure compliance and performance standards are met
  • Interpret flight data to diagnose malfunction and performance problems
  • Perform dynamic propeller balancing and tire balancing
  • Perform routine services such as oil changes, oxygen fills, tire checks, oil filter sampling, etc.
  • Clean parts to prepare for installation
  • Clean aircraft engine compartment, cabin, windows, and exterior
  • Prep surfaces for paint, corrosion prevention, etc.
  • Install system software and databases
  • Accurately record readings, labor, and parts
  • Read and understand maintenance manuals and other technical documents
  • Review and research aircraft records
  • Request parts from inventory as needed
  • Clean workspace and maintain organization of tools


  • FAA Airframe, Powerplant, or Airframe and Powerplant Certificate required
  • Practical experience preferred
  • Knowledge of FAA regulations


  • Extreme carefulness with aircraft, parts, equipment, and tools
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Ability to operate hand tools – powered and manual
  • Ability to measure and read gauges
  • Ability to perform physical activities such as lifting, balancing, stooping, reaching, and pulling
  • Ability to follow instructions and ask relevant questions
  • Diligence to complete work as instructed
  • Diligence in keeping work area in good condition
  • General understanding of engineering, physics, and mathematics
  • Appreciation of quality workmanship, teamwork, and excellence

LOCATION:  This position is based in Cumberland, Wisconsin.

JOB TYPE:  Full-time/days/M-F/8a-5p

PAY:  Based on experience and education