Cirrus Aircraft Kits & Upgrade Connections

Mixture Guard

Mixture Guard BlackProtect your mixture lever from being bumped or inadvertently moved by your headset cord with this ingenious mixture guard.  Designed specifically for the Cirrus center console by our Austrian engineer friend, this guard is carefully angled to prevent such a mishap.  It is laser-printed with high-strength polymer plastic media.  3M foam tape is included to adhere the guard to your center console.  We tested this tape and it withstood over 30 pounds of force before breaking away.  Includes two alcohol pads to prep the console before installation.

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MOFT Kit (Manifold Pressure, Oil Pressure, Fuel Flow, and Tachometer Connector and Wiring Repair Kit)

Ensure no loose contact points between probes and airframe harnesses with this repair kit!  Replaces all molex connectors with tried-and-true ring terminals and mechanical locking fasteners wrapped with environmental heat shrink.  Seals and stabilizes Del-phi connectors at manifold pressure and oil pressure sensors, protected with self-fusing silicone tape.  Ensures signal stability from sensors to your engine monitoring display system with the included harnesses.

*Price includes a refundable $100 core fee once the old oil pressure and manifold pressure harnesses are returned. 

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Ignition Lead Spring Kit

Ignition Lead Spring Kit for Cirrus SR20 and SR22. Replaces corroded ignition lead end springs at the spark plug end. Includes springs, abrasive pad, DeOxit Cleaner and Shield, stainless steel spark plug cleaning brush, and instructions.

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EGT/CHT Connector Kit

Replaces factory spade- and sleeve-style connectors and all Del-phi connectors with tried-and-true ring terminals and mechanical locking fasteners.  Kit ensures no loose contact points between probes and airframe harness.  Enough to replace all 12 EGT/CHT probes (plus spares). Also includes environmental heat-shrink, high-temp fiberglass sleeving, and teflon spi-wrap to eliminate spring-to-harness chafing.

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Wastegate Pin and Consumables Kit 

Here’s a handy pack of common consumables for the Tornado Alley Turbo turbo-normalized wastegate control system as installed on the Cirrus.  Includes (2) long master wastegate clevis pins, (10) small, skinny slave wastegate clevis pins, (5) short, fat slave wastegate clevis pins, (2) slave wastegate springs, (10) cotter pins, and (5) “diaper” pins.  We recommend these items be inspected/changed every 100 hours of flight.

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Moisture Extraction Grommet Kit

These small-but-mighty Moisture Extraction Grommets prevent any moisture damage from moisturegrommetedited
forming inside your plane’s belly.

Used on all seaplanes, these grommets will help evacuate fluids when placed over moisture
vents on the belly of your plane.  By creating a low-pressure area, a vacuum is formed that pulls
moisture into the airflow slip stream, effectively creating the following maintenance results:

  • Removal of moisture from the air conditioning evaporator
  • Redirection of TKS fluid from inside the fuselage
  • Prevention of fuel and oil from collecting inside the aircraft belly

Who knew that such a small widget could solve so many problems?  Your mechanic—who should
be cleaning under the floor of the fuselage—will love you!

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Engine Compartment Hose Kit – SR22                                                    Engine Compartment Fuel Hose Kit

Replace your flexible rubber fuel lines with these light-weight, silicone-coated, teflon hoses for improved service life.  And now with Stratoflex full radius fittings to reduce flow turbulence and vapor separation for better performance!

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Dual TIT Probe Indication Kit

The Dual TIT Probe Indication Kit provides read-out for either left or right TIT probes by toggling a switch!

Avidyne systems with the replacement left manifold and plug from TATI only provide a single point read-out for the Turbine Inlet Temperature.  Installing our precision dual-point system will provide read-out for either left or right by flipping a switch.  This allows comparative data between right and left manifolds which is very helpful while troubleshooting performance and system issues.  Some examples of the type of issues detected include:  early indication of cracks in manifold exhaust, improper wastegate clocking, ignition system faults, and cylinder head temperature indication variances.  Includes the additional TIT probe ETI-G2-711.

Application:  Avidyne-equipped Cirrus SR22 TN models with updated TATI left hand
exhaust manifold (P/N 22-685002) and plug (P/N AN806-4).     Dual TIT Probe Indication Kit

*Considered a minor alteration per FAR 43 Appendix A (in our opinion), therefore no 337 is required–only a logbook entry.

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D.E.C.K. Hardware Kit

As your exhaust system ages, the tailpipe ground straps become frayed and the hooks on the exhaust support springs become grooved.  While you’re having the Dual Exhaust Clean Kit installed, you may want to take the opportunity to replace all the commonly worn attachment hardware.  We provide this convenient kit to make this upgrade easy.

This kit includes:                                                        DECKhardwarekit

  • 2 ground straps
  • 4 exhaust pipe springs
  • 10 each screws, washers, and nuts

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Wing Jack Point and Tail Hold-Down Kit Wing Jack Point and Tail Hold Down Kit

Missing the factory wing jack point adapters?  Want a sturdy tail hold-down ring?  Our set of two wing jack point adapters and one tail hold-down ring fits the bill and the price!

Made with Grade 8 hardware, each tail hold-down ring is welded and lift-tested to 370 lbs.  Remove the hex cap screw in the rudder tail tie-down and screw in our tail hold-down ring until the unthreaded portion stops the rotation.  Use a tail weight (300 lbs. minimum per the maintenance manual) with a fixed post to securely keep the aircraft where needed for maintenance.

Each wing jack point is also made with Grade 8 hardware.  Remove the factory tie-down rings in the wings and screw in our jack point adapters with a 1/2″ socket.  NEVER use the tie-down rings for jacking!

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